Kayaba Shock Absorber for Perodua Alza

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SKU: 342M026 (Rear)
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Type : Gas Type

Product No. :
333M053 (Front Right Handed) 
333M054 (Front Left Handed) 
342M026 (Rear)


Why replace shock absorbers?
  • Reduce  braking distances
  • Increase road holding
  • Maintain comfort
  • Limit tyre wear
  • Reduce deterioration of other suspension components

Why choose KYB as your partner for shock absorbers?
  • KYB is Original Equipment Manufacturer for 1 of all  4 cars produced in the world.
  • KYB proves the quality of its products by being the world's largest supplier of shock absorbers to vehicle manufacturers.
  • KYB offers the largest car pack coverage with exclusive references which don't exist in competitors offers.
  • KYB offers a complete damping solution with a wide range of shock absorbers,coil springs,suspensionmounting kits and protection kits.

Kayaba recommends replacing shock absorbers every 80 000 kilometers (or every 4 years) but also when you notice one of the following symptoms :

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KYB 02
KYB 03